Abstract Guidelines
PEET Prize

Eligibility All full / life members of APSI
Submission of papers :

The paper should be of high standard and should have originality. It should be relevant to the Indian context. If experience of a long series of cases is being presented, it is preferable to include a statistical analysis also. New ideas and innovation /new achievements and feats can be presented. Modification of techniques, highlighting cost-effectiveness and superiority of results, development of newer instruments etc.
Last Date of Submission : 31st August 2022

Acceptance :
The final acceptance of the paper will be communicated to the participants by 30th September ,2022, by the Secretary, APSI. After he has obtained the opinion of the screening committee members. The Secretary APSI will also inform the Organising Secretary of APSICON for that year about the acceptance of such papers. Authors who still wish to present their papers in APSICON for the year if their papers are not accepted for the Peet Prize Session will have to themselves submit the same to the organising secretary of the conference.

Time of Presentation :
Ten minutes will be allowed for presentation, to be followed by 3 minutes discussion. Anybody from the audience is free to ask questions on the presentation, content, quality of slides, clinical importance of work, acquisition of technical skills and overall perform¬ance. Assessment sheets will be handed over to the Secretary, APSI immediately after the end of the Peet Prize Session.
It stands confirmed that Peet Prize is for oral presentation, and even if there is a single paper approved by the selection committee, it would not qualify for an award till the paper is presented and adjudged to be award winning by the Judges.

Kilner Essay
  1. On any topic
  2. Open to all full or associate members of the Association of less than 10 years standing after post¬ graduation.
  3. It should not be more than 5000 words, excluding references, charts, tables and photographs etc.
  4. It should include author's original work in sequence, introduction, material and methods, review of literature, observations, discussion, summary and conclusions. Photographic representation of quality is essential to substantiate the original work.

Last Date of Submission : 31st August 2022

APSI Best Paper

Junior Plastic Surgeon undergoing post doctoral training, or not more than one year after training. The paper should not have any co-author.
Submission :

  1. While submitting the abstract of the paper, please indicate on top that the paper be considered for this particular session.
  2. The abstract should be accompanied by a certificate from the Head of the Dept. where the participant is undergoing training.
  3. The abstract should be submitted to the Organising Secretary of the conference where it is supposed to be presented, by the due date announced.

Presentation :

  1. The title slide should not indicate the name of the institution.
  2. The work should reflect that it has been carried out by the junior plastic surgeon.
  3. Ten minutes will be allowed for presentation, to be followed by 3 minutes discussion.
  4. Anybody from the audience is free to ask questions on the presentation.
  5. Judges for the session will be appointed by the President and Secretary APSI.

This award is made available from donation by family of Mrs. Saroja Bose and Dr. Sam C. Bose though Madurai Plastic Surgery Group. The Inaugural award was given at Chandigarh APSICON 2014. There is no special session for this category of papers. During abstract submission for APSICON, authors have option to get their papers considered for this category. Such option must be available during online abstract submission.
Later scientific Committee asks for full text of such papers to be judged by a panel.All delegates who opt for their paper to be considered for this award, continue to present their paper as general paper in the break away sessions of subjects of their papers.
The panel is decided by Chairman of Organizing Committee, Chairman of Scientific Committee and Organizing Secretary of that APSICON. Chairman of Scientific Committee shall carry out the final marks summation procedure and hand over the result to Secretary APSI before General Body Meeting. Winner is declared during general Body by the Secretary. The winner for particular APSICON shall receive medal, certificate and cash price at next APSICON.


Amongst the papers presented in the APSI "Best Paper Award Session" the presentation with best audio¬-visual content will be awarded this prize.

E-Poster Guidelines


General specifications :

  • The E-poster will be displayed on standard 42”/50” (Diagonal) LCD
  • File format should be PowerPoint (.PPT)
  • Total size of the presentation should not exceed 10-20 MB
  • Maximum number of slides per E-poster: 1
  • All slides should be in landscape format
  • Animation/movies/sounds will not be supported; please submit in a static PPT format only

Design specifications :

  • The E-poster needs to be created as per the example format attached
    • Each slide title should be placed in a title placeholder
    • The text should include (most likely as separate elements of the poster) Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion and Acknowledgements
  • The poster should be self-explanatory. Text should be brief and well organized
  • It is suggested that font size of the text should be at least 26 to 36 points. The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear one (e.g., Helvetica)
  • The correct font size depends greatly on the fonts used in the ppt and the thumb rule should be that if its visible well on the computer screen it shall be visible on the E-Poster Display Screen.

Color suggestions :

  • When using light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue) we suggest using dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green)
  • When using dark backgrounds (blue, purple) we suggest using light fonts (white, yellow, cyan)
  • Avoid using red or green in any fonts or backgrounds as they are colors that are difficult to read
  • Illustrations/images/photographs used in the E-poster should be enlarged enough to show relevant details


The best poster presentation during the National Conference will receive this award.


Enlistment Criteria :

  1. Open only to full members of the APSI.
  2. Pre-select 10 entries for podium presentation- timing 4 minutes each and questioning by judges 4 minutes each. Screening committee- see point 3 below
  3. 1 Winner for the award selected by a panel of judges- 3 in number. Chairman of judge's committee with be the editor of IJPS. EC will nominate 2 other judges for a 3-vear term. Same people will be members of the screening committee.
  4. The option of publishing the winning entry will be given to the innovator
  5. The entry should not have been published earlier and not have been awarded for presentation in previous APSI meetings
  6. Award shall be declared and conferred at the end of the session.
  7. Abstract of maximum 200 words to be submitted.
Free paper
  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically only, using the link provided at the end of this page.
  • Abstracts submitted via e-mail, fax or regular mail will neither be accepted nor acknowledged.
  • Authors may submit only one Free Paper as first Author.
  • The number of Free Papers which will be accepted is strictly related to the planned Congress timetable and to the evaluation of the Referees.
  • Abstracts must be written clearly in English and submitted before August 15,2022.
  • Abstracts texts should not exceed 2400 printable characters (spaces included); the submission system will not accept anything beyond that. Figures and tables are not permitted.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by the Congress Organizers via e- mail by September 15, 2022.
  • The first Author’s e-mail address will be used to notify acceptance and to send updated information.
  • It is the authors' responsibility to review the submission and correct it. Please proofread your abstract before completing your submission. It will be reproduced exactly as submitted.
  • The web submission system will automatically produce your abstract in the proper format for publication in the abstract book. You may copy and paste your abstract in the space provided on the abstract form. Use upper and lowercase characters. Do not use all upper- case letters.
  • Abstracts submitted via Abstract Form cannot be modified at a later time.

Abstract Content :
Please, make the abstract as informative as possible, and support your conclusions with data. Abstracts texts should be structured to include the following sections :

  • Topic of Interest
  • Title of Abstract
  • Objectives : indicate the purpose of the study
  • Materials and Methods : describe pertinent experimental procedures
  • Results : summarize the results of the research
  • Conclusions : state the main conclusions

Please use standard abbreviations, generic drug names, and place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parenthesis after first use. Do NOT identify author(s) or institution(s) in the text

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